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We are a Full Service Electrical shop.

Commercial and Residential remodelers Welcome.

Lowest Rates in New England!!

Servicing Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts



No job is too small for us. Need a new doorbell, a single light or receptacle installed, we'll be there today!



Looking to remodel your whole kitchen, basement, or bath?  No Blueprints needed!! We can easily custom design it for you!!!  


Need a new receptacle for a dryer or dehumidifier?  Upgrading to LED with all your lighting?

We're your guys.  Summer time is here and your wishing you had some ceiling fans.  Or winter is just around the corner and you'll never forget losing power last year without a generator!!  We love installing Mini Split Systems the correct way/Legally!! Call us.

Panel upgrades needed?  We pretty much do it all.  Licensed and fully insured. Over 20 years experience in the electrical industry.  We offer service in N.H. plus M.E. residential and commercial. 


Will's Work LLC

50 Chesley Dr.

Barrington, N.H. 03825

(603) 969-7009

Quality Service by a Master Electrician and owner of the company!!  Why hire a large company that will only charge atleast double the $$ and send out apprentices or Green journeyman?  Youll never even meet the owner or corporate master electrician!!

We Stand behind our work 100%!!  All installations are of the highest quality and Always to N.E.C. Plus O.S.H.A. codes and standards!!

We're able to charge less because we eliminated our over head!!  No giant shop full of materials.  No bucket or box trucks.  no leases or rent.  Just one job at a time.  We're a smaller shop so smaller jobs and service calls/ troubleshooting is our specialty.

Excellent communication skills/customer service

Just tell us exactly what you want done or an idea if your not sure and we can give expert advice and additional ideas of our own for you to think about.  Its always nice to get another perspective from someone else before a final decision is made.

Contact Us

(603) 969-7009

Call us today for an estimate!!

Will's Work LLC


Residential and Commercial



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